Executive Summary

Security Capital Ventures (“Security Capital”) is pleased to provide you with an opportunity to partner with us as a borrower or lender in low loan-to-value (LTV), high coupon, newly originated investor residential/commercial mortgage loans.


  • The credit crisis produced an asymmetric risk pricing phenomenon in the residential mortgage market and a lack of traditional bank lending has created a timely opportunity.
  • Many residential properties are selling below replacement value and are drawing significant investor interest.
  • Today’s rejection rate for solvent borrowers is preventing consumers from purchasing properties and this has helped create an opportunity for investors with adequate down payments to purchase properties at attractive prices.


  • Security Capital is focused on originating “high touch” first lien, low LTV mortgages to LLCs or LPs for the purchase of non-owner occupied investor residential /commercial properties in Florida.
  • Our unique strengths are defined by our creative structuring, timely loan underwriting, and efficient processing of every loan.
  • Security Capital has been originating the above eligible mortgage loans since October 2012 with origination volume increasing every year since inception.